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Data Recovery Tips You Must Know

There are a lot of good programs to recover information on the hard disk, but most of them involve a normally working device that is, HDD. These programs work with user data, recover lost files and directory structures. If the drive itself does not work, there are hard disk problems that cannot be solved with these programs. For example, if one of the magnetic heads of the drive fails, any procedures for reading and writing data can lead to irreversible consequences and complete data loss. For the data recovery options, you need the best deal.

What is not recommended to do?

Run various utilities CHKDISK, SCANDISK, NU, Partition Magic, Easy Recovery, etc. if you do not know the reason for the malfunction of the HDD.

data recovery

Repeatedly turn on or off the hard drive, when it is already clear that it is faulty. As a result: the hard disk can break into a knock, from which it can no longer exist.

Move controllers from other HDDs to your failed hard drive if you are not sure that such an operation is possible for this type of drive and will not lead to the final data loss.

In the case of partial data loss, leave the hard drive working in the system, since a random entry made over the missing information will lead to its partial or complete destruction. Even if you are sure that you write to another place. If the information is not visible, the system determines this disk space as free and writable.

Disassemble the HDD, especially to open the HDA for magnetic surfaces or checking how round they are. Independently re-solder the details of the HDD controller, if you are not 100% sure that the reason is in this place.

In the case of data recovery from a RAID array:

Recovering information from a RAID array is a more laborious procedure than restoring data from a single HDD drive. Therefore, you should not take any action if you do not know the reason for the failure of the RAID and hope that everything will be restored in a magic way.

In the case of RAID-0 (stripe): Even in the event of recovery of a faulty HDD drive, data is very often shifted. Data recovery is possible, but standard means are usually not treated. Failure to comply with the above points will significantly complicate the recovery of information from the HDD or make it impossible.

Important rules for successful recovery of your data

In this guide, we will look at how to properly use the data recovery wizard. The article will be useful to users who have lost important documents due to an unexpected failure on their hard drive or any other information saver.

Data recovery

Before we proceed directly to the file recovery, it is important to note the important rule: under no circumstances make changes on a damaged device. Successful recovery depends largely on whether you follow this advice or not. Reporting that you do not need to make any changes on the disk with an error, we mean that you don’t need to do anything on it. Otherwise, there is a risk of irreversible data loss, in which even professional software will not be able to help.