Schiphol taxi

Schiphol Travel Taxi: Need to Know Facts

Schiphol taxi is a taxi service that was founded in the 1930s. We’ve evolved from a one-car and one-driver taxi company to a well-established taxi company with about 500 vehicles and 600 drivers.

Schiphol taxi

The deregulation of the law on passenger transportation has resulted in a drop in taxi quality on average. We’ve noticed that there’s a clear demand for easy, dependable transportation at a reasonable price. As a result, we aim to provide a high-quality product. Our core values are simplicity, efficiency, and dependability, with a focus on technological innovation.

We prioritize our customers at Schiphol Taxi.

Individual passenger transportation is the most costly and exclusive mode of transportation on the route, and it should be regarded as such. We strive to translate the needs of different travelers into various benefits and attributes that provide added value to our customers through our ongoing experiences with them.

Schiphol Taxi aspires to be the highest-quality individual passenger transportation company in the Schiphol-Amsterdam area. People expect a Mercedes Benz, a punctual taxi, and a friendly driver in general. Schiphol Taxi considers these to be minimum standards, and as a result, we can go above and beyond in terms of personal service.

The Schiphol Taxi fleet consists of 96 Tesla electric taxis, all of which are white and have carbon-neutral journeys. Our electric taxis are not only environmentally friendly but also quiet and convenient, making travel a pleasure.

The Cantab, a smartphone, is available to the passenger. During the taxi ride, this tablet has several additional features. The 10-inch tablet will provide information about the trip, the destination, and entertainment options like news, sports, movies, and games. During the ride, the passenger can view the path to their final destination and check their exact location. On the tablet, the customer may also rate the driver.

The Tesla Model S has the look of a high-end sports car, but both trunks have plenty of room for luggage. High-quality transportation and environmental sensitivity are now synonymous! Furthermore, we only use renewable energy to charge our taxis, making them fully emission-free.

For several years, service has been a top priority at Schiphol Taxi.

To add to this power, the quality of all of our vehicles and drivers is guaranteed by the TX quality mark, the Netherlands’ national quality mark for taxi transport. Schiphol Taxi is also ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) accredited (environmental approval mark).

The way Schiphol Taxi handles grievances is one of the ways our service guarantee expresses itself. Naturally, any query is one too many. Still, in the unlikely event that one arises, we will investigate it and respond to the Royal Dutch Transport Federation for Taxis’ general terms and conditions. Furthermore, our environmental management framework establishes guidelines for doing business, always with the environment in mind.

Schiphol Business Taxi

Every Schiphol Business Taxi vehicle, including the all-electric “green” option, is a comfortable and luxurious vehicle driven by a skilled and experienced driver. They will collect you up from any place and drop you at Schiphol airport’s departure hall, 24 hours and seven days a week. Reservations can be made up to 4 hours in advance of departure, with no waiting time. Your journey will begin at any location in the Netherlands* and end at any regional airport, except for Schiphol Airport.