Tips to Protect Hair from Air Pollution

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The increased pollution level makes our body and hair weaker. In this article, we highlight some of the most essential tips that everyone must follow for protecting their hair from harmful pollution & chemicals

Nowadays, the increased ratio of industries or factories gives rise to several kinds of pollution, especially Air pollution. No doubt, skin, and hair are the most important parts of our body that are negatively impacted by harmful air pollution. Moreover, this pollution increased the risk factors of skin allergy and hair fall problems. Air pollution occurs when the polluted particles mixed with the fresh air and reduce the overall quality of fresh air.

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How does Air pollution damage our Hair?

Our hair is unprotected and comes in contact with polluted air very quickly. Soot, Poor quality hair and harmful gases can cause scalp irritation, breakage, and even baldness. In a research study, it is proved that heavy hair styling and products such as serums, sprays, and gels make your hair more sensitive to come in contact with air pollution.

We all know it very well that the harmful effects of air pollution can damage our skin but more importantly our precious hair. If you are traveling outside then don’t forget to consider essential tips that help you to protect your hair from Air pollution & reduce the risk factors of having any sort of disorder.

You can easily counter these types of problems if you use effective prevention measures or tips.

Here is the list of some important tips that helps you in Hair protection:

Tip 1. Always wear a Hat when Going Outside

The foremost tip for hair protection is to make use of a hat as it is not worn just for fashion but it covers your hair as well as scalp from harmful chemicals and polluted particles. Moreover, wearing a hat is also beneficial for you because it protects your scalp and hair from dangerous Ultraviolet rays.

While going out, always wear a hat.

Tip 2. Tie up your Hair close with the head

Make sure that your hair is tied with some sort of cloth scrunchies and loose hair bands. Tieing up with scrunchies attached your hair with the scalp.

Tip 3. Take Hair steam every week

Another essential tip that you should follow for hair protection is to take Hair steam every week. It is done just after shampoo.

Tip 4. Brush with Care

Smog and harmful air can decrease the overall quality of hair and make it so brittle and frizzy. For women, it is important to brush the hair gently and smartly. Use nozzles of the hair dryers to slow down the heat exposure.

Tip 5. Hydrated

Proper hydration makes your hair as well as skin fresh and gentle. Harmful pollution can cause dryness in the scalp. To reduce this issue, choose the right hydrating masks that provide proper moisturization and strength to the hair.

Tip 6. Consume High protein-enriched Diet

Diet is very important when it comes to hair growth and health. Take a high protein enriched diet regularly for the betterment of the hair.