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The Finer Values for the Best Company Promotion

How to publicize your company and generate interest? That is the question. It is about communicating around the existence of the company itself and its offer, by traditional means.

There are plenty of ways to make yourself known and attract attention, but few of them are effective. The impact becomes truly interesting only if the message is repeated or even hammered. With the pagine bianche cognomi this is important now.

Here are the main public communication tools and our advice on each of them:

The flyer

It is a tool with very limited effectiveness. Count a return rate less than 1 per 1000. The rest will end up in the trash within 24 hours. Example: A seaside nightclub distributes flyers to young people on the beach, inviting them to free admission that evening. See our article Successful flyer.


It is a more elaborate document and more qualitative than a simple flyer, so less inclined to be thrown, but more expensive.

Visit card

An inescapable communication tool, but only serves to transmit coordinates. 80% of business cards have a life of less than 1 month.

Newspaper ads. It is a very old communication tool, but still effective. Be careful however to the target: the message must be consistent with the characteristics and expectations of readers.

Advertising in newspapers or magazines: publications, editorials … Not always effective, unless the message is repeated.

Radio advertising

Effective only if the message is repeated a large number of times. An audio message is indeed more difficult to remember than a visual message.

TV advertising

Very expensive, it must be repeated over several weeks to be effective.

Advertising in the cinema

Suitable for downtown businesses, but dependent on the programming of the rooms.

Vehicle advertising

Inexpensive and efficient, as long as the vehicle is in good condition and the advertising is really attractive. It is useless if the vehicle circulates very little.

Display in the public space

The return rate is often limited. To be effective, posters must be numerous and positioned in the right places. Attention to the risk of degradation or uprooting.

Make your business known through internet communication

How to advertise your business online? Internet is a media that has become unavoidable; small businesses or businesses that have not taken it into account are learning the hard way.

Here are the main modes of communication on the internet to make known his company:

Website by itself. Building a website is less and less expensive, but the challenge is to make it popular. See our article: Well referencing your business on the internet.

Social networks. They are a mine of potential customers and represent an unprecedented opportunity to reach their target audience while expanding their market. See our article: Share your business on Facebook.

The ad sites. The most famous is there. They effectively link supply and demand. Beware however of scams.

pagine bianche cognomi

Directories. Unmissable. The most important ones are the White Pages and Google My Business (the geographic directory that shows companies on a map).

The advice of the entrepreneur: To make your business known quickly, you have to be imaginative. Find excuses to communicate and call for concrete action. Use common sense to communicate on the right media: the choice of communication tools must be consistent with the habits and expectations of the target.