SEO Consultant: How to Choose the Right One?

The mission of the SEO consultant is to support companies to improve their visibility on search engines. In this article, we try to understand who he is and what he does and how companies can use it to increase sales. The SEO expert must have a wide range of skills and be equipped with various technical and human qualities because his figure is central to the success of a project on the web. Make a visit to for all essential services now

The missions of an SEO consultant

As the name suggests; the consultant provides advice on SEO, SEM, and Online Marketing. These recommendations are related to the visibility of a website on major search engines like Bing and Google.

To do this, the SEO consultant carries out an SEO audit. This audit aims to determine the factors that block the correct positioning of the website or blog in question.

The SEO consultant can monitor and evaluate the impact of the actions that his client is performing and give him other recommendations month after month, depending on the evolution of the site’s positions. Usually, these are optimizations of existing contents, such as the writing of relevant titles and semantic enrichment. Among these, there are also approaches to increase the popularity of a website through the acquisition of links, signals that are similar to positive reviews in the eyes of search engines.

Finally, the third type of action concerns more technical aspects of SEO that will facilitate indexing by motor robots is particularly important for very large sites. To these missions are added operations that guarantee the customer that the work is well done to promote long-term site visibility. The prerogatives of an SEO consultant often go well beyond SEO recommendations. It is often required to train internal teams in the field of web marketing to integrate best practices. Furthermore, professionals who wish to increase their audience very quickly use their services for AdWords campaign management.

SEO consultant: the qualities to possess

First, an SEO consultant must be humble. Knowing the elements that improve the positioning of a site on search engines does not give you the right to be a bully, especially because there is no certainty in this area. Moreover, it closely follows the evolution of the rules and can redefine the appropriate SEO strategy if it considers it necessary. The SEO Specialist is not necessarily an IT expert, but he has some notions in development as he is sometimes led to see or modify the source code of a web page.

A qualified SEO consultant is also able to analyze the ergonomics of a site or e-commerce and make recommendations to improve the user experience, a function that plays an important role in SEO. The SEO expert stands out for its editorial quality and must be able to deal with more or less complex topics, taking into account the specificities of the web (concise and structured articles that capture the reader). Curiosity is also part of its peculiarities.

Being curious allows him to be interested in new techniques and to be one step ahead of the others. This is a changing sector, and the trends are constantly changing. It is also an advantage in finding links for your customers. As we already wrote in another article that deals with an SEO consultant, he has every interest in showing patience and pedagogy because sometimes it takes several months to observe the first results of optimizations. A professional pedagogue has the faculty of transmitting some of his know-how, which is not negligible during the SEO training.