How to Rank in a White Hat way apparently Utilizing Black Hat SEO Techniques

Link building appears to be rather straightforward at first glance, doesn’t it? All you have to do now is choose the keywords you want to rank for, write fantastic content, then invite other bloggers to link to your expert article in their blogs, and you’re done! Your site begins to rise in the SERPs as if by magic.

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That’s precisely what I’m going to teach you in this post: a few black hat SEO tactics you can employ to rank better, get more visitors and improve conversions without infringing Google’s standards. The 4 source for Backlinks are mentioned below:

Tactic #1. Wheels that connect

Only a few years ago, link wheels were a game-changing link-building tactic. Even several well-known white hat SEOs lauded their abilities to sway a site’s Google ranks.

Link wheels were employed by black hats to boost the strength of the links they produced and, as a result, drive their sites higher in the search results.

The idea behind link wheels was to establish a pattern of sites that linked to each other as well as your main site. The following spoke would be powered up by each location in the wheel. And, because it was a closed system, their authority should theoretically develop over time, resulting in a stronger link to your main site.

Tactic #2. Link Construction with a Twist

To improve a site’s rankings, you don’t always need more links. Another black hat strategy called “Blended Link Building” is based on this premise.

To employ this strategy, black hats will either find someone ready and able to link to one‘s site and also a few key authoritative sites, or they would create those resources themselves. In order to blend their links with authoritative websites, black hats would once again turn to Web 2.0 blogs, article directories, and other properties over which they had control of the content.

Tactic #3. Link-Building on a Scale

I’m sure you already know this, but it’s worth repeating: the stronger the backlink, the more authoritative the page that connects to you is. Building connections just from high-authority sites, on the other hand, is incredibly challenging.

To boost their authority and ranks, black hat SEOs devised a simple solution: add links to pages that already connect to them. Tiered link-building is the name for this strategy. Black hats would create layers of links, with each one referring back to the one before it, resulting in a stronger backlink.

Tactic #4. Scraping in Contact

Scraping was Indeed the preferred black hat technique. Black hats would cruise the web using programs like Scrapebox in search of anything from webmasters’ contact information to keywords and content. They’d then utilize this information to make automatic link requests, spam websites with nonsensical comments, and even spin versions of the text they discovered.

Naturally, all of this led to a surge in spam across the internet. Scraping, on the other hand, isn’t such a negative habit in and of itself.


Link building may appear simple at first. However, there are a number of nuances to the process and certain measures to take in order to grow your link profile. So, how can you remain ahead of the competition when everyone is doing the same thing?