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How to make money on the internet and stay at home to work?

Making money from the net is now possible today. You work from your computer at times you determine. You no longer have to account to your manager and, the icing on the cake; you no longer suffer the disadvantages of public transport. To make money online the followings are important now.

So you think, but it’s too good to be true: Where is the scam? No, there is no scam, but contrary to popular belief, making money on the net requires perseverance, rigor, and organization. In addition, it is wrong to say that we can earn $ 1000 per month on the internet by working only one hour a day.

No, if you want to make money from the internet, you will have to work hard for a long time and not count your hours. Only, in exchange, you enjoy a quality of life far superior to work in a classic company. Below, are some techniques to make money on the internet and say goodbye metro-work-sleep and explications?

Online bets

Betting online is one of the methods to quickly make money easily on the internet only, vigilance on this method. To play involves risks: indebtedness, isolation, dependence. You can make a lot of money, but if you do not set limits, you can also lose a lot of money and fall into gambling addiction.

To play, you just need to:

  • Create a customer account by filling in your personal details.
  • Scan or send by post your RIB, your ID, and proof of address.
  • Once your account is validated, you can bet and withdraw your money when your bet is winning.

However, you can encounter difficulties to receive transfer payment problems with FD or Web.

make money online


Cashback consists of being paid a certain percentage of a sale you make. The larger the number of your purchases, the higher the amount transferred to your bank account. As a first step, you must create your personal space on a cashback website. Then you receive several purchase proposals. The cashback site gives you money based on the items you bought through their site.

Paid Clicks

To be paid on the internet by clicking on ads or by responding to polls, all you have to do is sign up for paid click sites. You register for free by filling in your last name, your first name, your email, a password, and your username. Then you simply answer paid surveys or perform certain paid click tasks.

Test smartphone apps

The principle is simple since it is enough to download the application to test, to check all the parameters ease of use, ergonomics, etc. Then, to be paid, you must answer a questionnaire. Once this questionnaire is completed and sent, you will receive within a few days a transfer to your bank account.

Offer your DIY services online

You are a handyman, and you want to round off your end of the month? So offer your DIY services to individuals by registering on sites. As with many online money-making sites, you must register by filling in your skills and pricing. If a person is interested, it will contact you directly by email to make an appointment at home. Then, once the do-it-yourself jobs are done, the site will transfer the money to you.