How Do I (Safely) Use Dating Apps?

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Days are gone when we used to start our dating life through clubs and parties. These days no one has to introduce us to our potential partners and all that’s to the internet. Can we take a moment to appreciate how easy it is to connect with new people? Internet dating or online dating has become such a big hit that almost everyone is giving it a try in hope that they would find someone suitable and we can hear a lot of successful love stories took place over the years.

There are so many benefits of dating online and few of them are listed below.

Save time: We nearly have time for ourselves and you already know why we are saying this. The world is moving so fast that we don’t even get enough time for ourselves and taking time out to go on a date without knowing someone is preferred by no one as it truly sounds like a waste of time. But online dating solves the problem as you can first connect online before meeting someone. It saves you from a lot of dates that wouldn’t have been successful ones. That’s the biggest reason people like to connect online before going out on a date.

Best for reserved people: People who are reserved or have social anxiety are loving this source of dating. We completely understand that for some people it is hard to have a good conversation without knowing a person. Introverts are really hesitant at the first date when it comes to having a conversation online, they can impress anyone and that’s why it is best for such people.

Building up trust: Building trust isn’t something easy. People find it hard to build their trust in someone else and that’s why dating online is the best option. People can know each other, share their details, emotion, and many other things that would connect them more and more. They can also exchange their social media platforms or phone number to have a deeper connection. Does this work? Surely it does because the more you would know about a person, the more you would trust them. People having trust issues are loving online dating.

Having said all of these beneficial points, you can also go ahead and give it a try if you want someone in your life. There are dating apps as well as websites and it is totally up to you which one you would like. But before joining these platforms, there are some of the things that you should know and we are here to tell you how to date online. Below are some points that you should keep in mind.

Choose the best picture: We all have heard that the first impression is the last impression and this should be kept in mind while setting up your profile on dating platforms. It is obvious that someone will not fall in love with your attitude and nature just by opening your profile. That thing happens after some time but before that, to attract someone, you would need a picture that depicts the best of your looks. We are not talking about you bragging about your money or cars. That’s a big no. The best would be to choose pictures in which you are looking decent. A picture in which your face is clearly visible would be a great option. It is very common these days to post pictures in which the face is not visible or hidden by the camera. If you have any hobby or passion, post your picture while doing that too.

Write a good bio: Your words that you will portray in your bio will be affecting your inbox. Our recommendation would be to be extremely clear what you want to say. You can describe what you do in your life, your passion, and anything that you want but avoid writing big paragraphs defining yourself as no one has that much time to invest. Be light-hearted and reflect your fun side through your words. Obviously you should have a good and positive bio that people would love to read and show their interest in. Some people go online and search for how they should write a bio and we would like to tell you that nothing and no one could help you. A person defining himself will do it in the best way possible. We can only tell you some tips but can’t teach you how you can pen down your thoughts that you have to convey to the people.

Be selective: Yes we know you are trying to find someone but this doesn’t mean that you will go for anyone who is coming for you. You need to set some boundaries and standards if you want to find someone suitable. There are all kinds of people in this world so obviously we cannot expect everyone to be good for us. Only a person who shares something common with us would be the best for us. That’s why we said before that writing a good bio is important so that you would attract people who are having similar interests as you.  There are some dating apps in which both people have to agree for the conversation if they want to text each other but on some apps, people can text each other without any restrictions. So you need to select which one you would like to use.

Find a good platform: There are dating apps and websites, you can select whichever you like. We would recommend you to go for Free Dating App as applications are easy to use and you get an instant connection. You can get notifications whenever someone texts you or do my other activity on your profile such as liking your picture. This is not the case with websites as you will only be notified after loading the website.

These were some of the things that you should know before going for the option of online dating. Keep these points in your mind while finding someone special on the internet.