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Gaming Monitor 2019: Ideal screen for gamers

Choosing input and playback devices for your gaming PC, you should be aware of the purpose of your accessories before making a purchase. Do not be fooled by technical terms, but rather opt for personal preferences. Especially for gaming headsets and gamers, ergonomics and comfort are crucial. Take the path to the nearest electronics retailer to take control of headsets, mice, and more, and see if they’re right for you. For the 2k computer monitor at tinhocanhphat.vn  this is the best deal.

Gaming Monitor

Fast-forward computers and high-quality input devices are of little use if the monitor displays current games only mushy and with distorted colors. Only the right screen makes the gaming experience a pleasure. However, the player not only has to choose between different models from several manufacturers but also between cheap Full HD devices and modern 4K displays. Regardless of the display technology, a screen size of at least 24 inches is recommended for an optimal gaming experience. Larger models make action games look even more impressive, but also take up a lot of desk space.

2k computer monitor at tinhocanhphat.vn

New 4K models are worth a look for gamers thanks to their high density of pixels and the resulting detail, but also (still) very expensive. Important: Who wants to play games in 4K, needs a strong graphics card and a potent processor in the PC. Otherwise, game heroes will only zoom over the screen in slow motion. In addition to high image sharpness for gamers, the time required for a picture change (reaction time) of the display is very important. Why? If the screen only hesitantly brings game scenes to the screen, there are ugly streaks, especially in fast action games. The new monitor should, therefore, do the picture change in fewer than 20 milliseconds.

A varied selection of gaming monitors

The selection of different gaming monitors is huge. The models differ mainly in screen size, resolution, panel type, refresh rate, and input lag. Although basically a low input lag, a faster refresh rate, a higher resolutio, and a larger screen size is better at least on paper.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to select the one best gaming monitor, as the manufacturers set different priorities for different models, and the choice is huge. If you look at the two big trends in the display market, for example with 144 Hz screens and 4K gaming monitors, you lose yourself quickly. Then there is HDR, Adaptive-Sync (G Sync, Free Sync) and many more features. Some expensive “egg-laying woolly milk monitors” offer (almost) everything – 4K, 144Hz, HDR and Adaptive Sync.

However, the hardware of the gaming PC (especially graphics card) must be able to use these features as well. This is not self-evident even with top hardware. Also, it still applies: For a 4K gaming monitor is a significant surcharge in comparison to a comparable model with WQHD or Full HD due.

When is a 4K monitor worthwhile for gamers?

A 4K monitor was interesting for a long time for the fewest gamers, as it could only be used seriously in SLI mode with two graphics cards. With the introduction of current generations of graphics cards (see gaming graphics), 4K gaming is now possible with just one high-end graphics card. Nevertheless, you are still ahead of the gaming market with a 4K / UHD gaming monitor.