Different types of drug tests

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Drug tests, most of us have gone through it and we all can relate that they are highly stressful. People who consume drugs know what we are talking about. Basically, when a person consume drugs, they don’t just get eliminated from their body in a couple of hours. It can take a long time and till then, these drugs are present in the body of the user and the traces can be found in body fluids like blood, saliva, etc.

Talking about the reasons for drug tests, well there are a lot of reasons why drug tests happen. Sometimes your employer at the workplace conducts the test to see the soberness of the staff. This was just an example; there are many other instances. Let us tell you what are some different types of tests that are used to identify the presence of drugs in the human body.

Saliva Testing:  The saliva test is the most common test of all but it is getting more popular these days and the reason is that it is less invasive. But there is a slight problem with this test. Traces of drugs can be found in the body even after a long time of consumption. But each body fluid has its own time of impact after which you cannot detect any traces of the drug. Saliva has a very short time. It can only be used to detect the drugs that have been consumed recently. Let us give an example, If you have smoked cannabis then the test could show its presence if it has been done within 4-10 hours of its consumption.

Urine testing: Urine test is one of the most famous and common tests that is used to detect the traces of drugs in the human body. The reason it is so common is because Urine is very easy to collect and has a lot of information about the human body and this makes sense because urine is human waste so whatever we consume is getting out of it. Easy concept right?

Urine test is also very effective because the traces of drugs can be found in the urine after a long time of drug consumption and that’s why it is very effective and useful. That’s why testing officials prefer this. You must be thinking about why people are not going for the option of the blood test. The first and biggest reason is the fear of the needle.

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