How 3d printing can impact your love for technology

How did 3d printing emerge?


3D printing is taking the world by storm. Even since their inception, 3d printers have continuously become more and more powerful. They started out printing small plastic blocks and have by now moved on to printing tools, decorations, prosthetics, even gun parts.


3D printer’s golden hands

We are on the threshold of an age where we will be able to print just about anything we want – from evening shoes to toys and tools, to firearms. How much is true in the announcement that 3D printers will bring us a new industrial revolution?

After the unexpectedly tumultuous development of computers, we are approaching the limit of digital technology development. There are no more new processors, each of which is at least three times faster than its predecessor. New video units are only moderately different from the previous generation, supercomputers and artificial intelligence have slowed significantly, and monitor makers are scattering the stereoscopic 3D technology found back in 1838.


For over a decade, the computer industry relied on repackaging old technology into new enclosures, so we had smaller laptops, palmtop, and tablets.

None of this was fundamentally new, so users were already tired of changing colors and masks on their “smartphones”.

And then a miracle happened, the 3D printing emerged, announcing a new paradigm in the digital age. The result of a computer no longer has to be just an imprint of one’s imagination in a virtual space, which will disappear with the …

Learn More About The History Of Super Mario

Super Mario is a famous series of platform video games by Nintendo in which the main character is an Italian plumber with a funny mustache – Mario!

It’s alternatively called Super Mario Bros, or simply Mario. At least one Mario game has been released for the all-important Nintendo game consoles and handheld consoles. Super Mario games follow Mario’s many adventures in the fictional world of Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario is usually joined by his green brother Luigi and sometimes by other members of Mari’s family. As usual in platform video games, the player crosses paths and jumps across platforms and across enemy heads to kill them. The games have simple levels, as a rule, Mario’s main goal is to rescue the abducted princess from Bowser, the main villain. The first title in the series – Super Mario Bros., released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985. It has gameplay concepts with elements that are prevalent in almost every Super Mario game today.

These include many power-ups and items that give Mario special magical powers, such as Fireball throws and resizing.
The Super Mario series is part of a larger Mario franchise. These include other video game genres, as well as media, such as film, television, print media and clothing. If you’d like to try these famous Mario titles, you can find them online

over at juegos 123. More than 300 million copies of Super Mario series games have been sold worldwide since September 2015, in turn making it the …

10 Steps for an Ideal Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time of year when we all want to open our windows wide and enjoy our clean and fragrant home. If you are one of those who has delayed seasonal cleanup, here is a list of the best tips for such a work action. Some of them, though, take quite some time, but don’t be discouraged, because in the end your home will shine like when you moved in

1. Get up the ladder and get on the top shelves and drawers
Many are delaying the cleaning of hard-to-reach furniture like top shelves and drawers, as this is a big problem for them. If you commit to them once a year, take the time you spend mostly on the ladder cleaning services and screening unnecessary items you want to get rid of.
And when you’re upstairs, don’t forget to peel the cobwebs that eventually catch on the upper corners of the walls and the ceiling.
‘With spring cleaning, your home can shine like you did when you moved in’

2. Deal with the dirt on the blinds and curtains
Do you remember the last time you cleaned your blinds from dust and dirt? Not? Well, then the time has come to fix them. If you have enough time, you can also wash the curtains or take them to dry cleaning. If they still haven’t gotten so dirty, at least shake them off so that they don’t darken with dust in the next few months.

3. New, fresh clothes …